The Goddess Oracle Worldwide
Divine art & healing rituals, translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch


The Goddess Oracle, front cover
Dutch Version
  The Goddess Oracle, front cover

French Canadian

German Version

Portuguese Version

Spanish Version
  The Goddess Oracle, front cover
English Version


Het Godinnen Orakel

The Dutch translation of The Goddess Oracle is published by Altamira / Brecht; read about it in Dutch on the Godinnen Orakel page.


l'Oracle de la Déesse

The French Canadian translation of The Goddess Oracle is published by Editions AdA Inc. and features full-color plates of each card in the book. The case is sturdy, and fastens with an elegant magnetic clasp.



Göttinnen Geflüster

The German translation is published by Shirner Verlag; peruse the publisher's Gottinnen-Gefluster page here.



O Oráculo da Deusa

The Portuguese translation is published by Pensemento.


el Oraculo de la Diosa

The Spanish translation is publish ed by Ediciones Obelisco.


The Goddess Oracle

The Goddess Oracle in English is now published by U.S. Games, and arrived in October 2006.  The first edition was published by Element Books, the second by Element/HarperCollins UK.  

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As I don't have access to the publishers of the translated (non-English) versions, I do not keep them in stock.
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